Amvel pentagon72 ultra light umbrella (日本品牌 Amvel pentagon72 超輕量雨傘)

顏色 / Color



【The world's lightest (Only 72 grams) function umbrella | Pentagon72】 Amvel challenges the lightweight limit! Launched the new Pentagon72 umbrella, 7G lighter than the previous generation, becoming the world's lightest function umbrella! Mainly in the umbrella shaft, the new technology is too light to detect. In the rainy season, it is almost impossible to leave the hand every day, but it is heavy in the handbag. If you forget to bring an umbrella when you go out, you have to buy a new one in the rainy days! There are a lot of umbrellas piled up in your home for a long time! The pentagon72 guarantees that you can use it at any time, because the canal is as light as it does not exist! : Pentagon72 is only as heavy as an egg! The length is only a little longer than a pen! The Pentagon72 uses carbon fiber ribs to withstand strong winds, durable and light, and the surface is water-repellent. Key features: - Super lightweight, only 72G - Extremely slim, only 21 x 3.5 cm after folding - Two fold umbrella models, five branches - Anti-UV70~90% (depending on the color of the fabric) It can be used on sunny days and rainy days. - Umbrella cloth added long-term nanotechnology water-repellent coating EASY DRY - Using carbon fiber ribs to withstand typhoon levels - Multiple colors - Imported from japan Technical details: - Umbrella cloth: 100% Polyester (nano EASY DRY water transfer technology) - Umbrella: Carbon Fiber - can withstand 15 m / s wind speed - Bone length: 50 cm - After opening size (diameter × length): about 79×45 cm - After folding size(diameter × full length): about 3.5×21 cm - Weight: 72 g - Umbrella head: ABS - Medium: Aluminum - Main bone and bone: carbon fiber

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