EUFY Entry Sensor 門窗感應器 / Entry Sensor+Video Doorbell 2K+HomeBase Kit 門窗感應器+視像門鐘套裝

套裝 / Package



+ * 注意: Entry Sensor必需配合EUFY HomeBase使用 產品規格: - 細小外型,適合多款門窗使用 - 當感應器距離長於4cm,HomeBase將會發出最大100分貝的警報聲,手機應用亦會發出提示 - 可配合EUFYCAM觸發錄影功能 - 容易安裝,只需撕下感應器後的雙面貼並貼在門窗上 - 尺寸: 74x 28 x 22 mm - 重量: 68.04g 內附: 1x 感應器磁石套裝,3x 螺絲,CR123A電池 Entry Sensor Protect Your Doors and Windows from Break-Ins. * Please note: Requires EUFY HomeBase to operate Detailed Specification: - Compact and versatile design fits onto any door or window frame - Siren protection, which triggers a 100-decibel siren on HomeBase, and sends an alert to your smartphone when forced entry (the distance between entry sensor and the magnet is longer than 1.5 inches) is detected - Can acted as trigger to activate EUFYCAM - Easy Installation: Just peel off the mounting tape and stick or screw the sensor onto the door or window you want to monitor - Dimension: 74 x 28 x 22 mm - Weight: 68.04 grams In the Box: 1x Magnet, 3 x Mounting Screws, CR123A Battery ============================== EUFY門窗感應器 + 無線智能視像門鐘套裝 套裝包括: 1x EUFY Entry Sensor 門窗感應器 1x EUFY Video Doorbell 2K 無線智能視像門鐘 1x EUFY HomeBase * EUFY Video Doorbell 2K 無線智能視像門鐘 產品詳情, 請見本站: EUFY Entry Sensor + Wireless Smart Video Doorbell 2K Bundle Kit This Bundle Kit includes: 1x EUFY Entry Sensor 1x EUFY Wireless Smart Video Doorbell 2K 1x EUFY HomeBase * Product details of EUFY Video Doorbell 2K, please go to another product page in this website:

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