HTC TWS1 Macaron True Wireless Earbuds

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24H Long Battery Life With a single charge, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of uninterrupted music. Do you spend a lot of time away from home? Take the worry out of it and store your hearing aids in the mini magnetic closure protective case when not in use or for multiple recharges, maximizing up to 24 hours of battery life. Super Light And Comfortable Headphones Ergonomic design for a perfect fit in the ear and cancellation of external noise. At just 18mm and 4.5g (for one earbud only), the HTC True Wireless earbuds offer a lightweight and comfortable listening experience. Low Latency. Long Range Connection Supports new generation Bluetooth 5.0. High speed connectivity, wide coverage of up to 10m and guaranteed stability. The sound is stunning and always crisp with perfect timing according to what is displayed on the screen. 藍牙 5.0 24小時 聆聽一整天 高相容性 輕量設計 強勁續航 享受再延長 一次充滿電力,可連續播放音樂長達6小時 不使用時,可將耳機放入磁吸式充電盒隨時補充電力, 結合充電盒,音樂播放24小時,盡情延長使用時間。 極致輕便舒適配戴 符合人體工學設計 完美契合耳朵輪廓。 入耳式耳機配戴可以有效降低外部噪音, 完美沈浸在個人音樂空間。 HTC 馬卡龍真無線藍牙耳機,僅 18mm 及 4.5 公克(單耳耳機重量),可帶來輕巧舒適的音效體驗。 低延遲 長距離 搭載新一代藍牙 5.0 晶片,傳輸更高速,連接更穩定,覆蓋範圍高達 10 公尺。出色聲音總是清晰,並與手機螢幕隨時隨地保持同步。 單耳或是雙耳連線 使用更靈活 充分享受雙耳耳機立體聲音樂饗宴。可依照個人的需求將左右耳機獨立分別與不同裝置配對使用。

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