JDS UV-C Sanitizing Wand (JDS UV-C 紫外光高效殺菌消毒棒)



產品介紹: https://www.youtube.com/embed/euH4ge_Ud_U - 物理消滅引致感冒、感染、哮喘和過敏反應的病菌 - 實驗證明可以消滅99.99%有害細菌如大腸桿菌等 - 適用於廚房用品、床上用品、梳化、兒童玩具、貼身衣物、生活日用品、手機、口腔用品等 - 使用方便快捷、安全可靠 - 無毒、無害、無味 - 規格: 尺寸:10.4 " x 1.6" w x 1.5 " 重量:135g 燈管功率:4W DC Lamp UV波長:UV-C (253.7nm) 電池供應:AA X4 * 為何 UV-C紫外光高效殺菌,殺菌率99% ? 短波UV-C的波長介乎於 200-275 納米,又稱為短波滅菌紫外線。短波紫外線廣泛應用於醫院、冷氣系統、消毒櫃、水處理設備、飲水機、污水處理廠、游泳池 、食品飲料加工及包裝設備、食品廠、化妝品廠、嬭製品廠、釀酒廠、飲料廠、麵包房和冷藏室等範疇。 * 使用容易: 將消毒棒對準被消毒物件的表面,保持3-5厘米距離,緩慢移動至整個區域,確保每處停留 10 秒,達到更好的消毒效果。 注意事項: * 避免將 UV-C 消毒棒直接照射眼晴 * 避免小童誤用; 在沒有成年人直接指導的情況下, 避免小童接觸產品 * 長時間開啟, 產品或會有微熱 Key features: - A physical method to eliminate bacteria and viruses which can cause influenza, infection, asthma and allergy. - Tested on killing up to 99.99% harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli etc. - A purely physical sanitizing method with no chemicals - This allergy-free sanitizing method is especially suitable for kitchen utensils, bedding, sofa, toys, undergarments, daily appliances, mobile phone and oral care products. - A credible and safe method with quick and simple application - No chemicals, irritants nor smell - No any noxious substance - Totally silent - Technical details: Dimension: 10.4 "x 1.6" x 1.5 " Weight: 135 g Light Tube Power: 4W DC Lamp Wavelength of UV Light: UV-C (253.7nm) Battery Supply: AA Battery x4 * How it is effective in killing up to 99.95 bacteria ? The wavelengths of short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light, which is also called short-wavelength sanitizing UV light, are between 200nm and 275nm. Short-wavelength UV light is widely applied in the domains of hospital, air-conditioning system, sanitizing cabinet, water treatment equipment, drinking fountain, sewage treatment plant, swimming pool, processing and packaging equipment of food and beverage, food factory, cosmetics factory, dairy factory, brewhouse, beverages factory, bakery and refrigerating chamber etc. * Easy to Use: Bring the operating Sanitizing Wand on the object which need to be sanitized with 3-5 cm vertical distance. Slowly move the Ward until it has irradiated every corner. For the best sanitizing effectiveness, make sure you hold the Ward for 10 seconds at every point. The longer the Ward irradiates at a point, the better the sanitizing effectiveness is. Cautions: * Prevent the UV-C Sanitizing Ward directly irradiates at your eyes * Avoid misuse by your children; better keep it away from children when there is no direct guidance from adult * Continuously long time switching it on, the product may be made slight warm