Jaybird RUN Bluetooth Headset (Black / Jet)



https://www.youtube.com/embed/ko_gnJLsZmQ - 4 hour play time + 8 hour charge case - Fast charge - 5 minute charge = 1 hour play time - Secure + Comfort-Fit with interchangeable tips and fins - Customize your sound with the Jaybird app - Sweat-proof and water resistant - Music + Calls Jaybird gives you four sets of silicone tips: small and large round options as well as two different oval-shaped tips. There are also three different types of fin accessories, along with a finless one if you have very small ears. And as you'd imagine, the Run earbuds are both sweatproof and water resistant. Jaybird says they feature a "double hydrophobic nano coating" to deal with sweat, which is much tougher on gadgets than plain water. The Jaybird Run also comes with a chunky carrying case, which adds another eight hours to its advertised four-hour battery life. The case is too large to fit comfortably in your pocket, but it's easy to chuck into a messenger bag or backpack. It can also give the Run earbuds one hour of juice with just a five-minute charge. The right Run earbud handles all the connectivity with your phone. You can choose to wear it by itself if you'd rather keep one ear open. The left earbud automatically connects to the right one over Bluetooth when you turn it on, and the sound carries over without any interruption. Everything sounds a bit compressed when you're just using the right earbud, but the audio field expands seamlessly once you turn on the left bud. If you like to customize your audio experience, you can also use Jaybird's mobile app to tweak the Run's sound profile. It's flat by default, but the company provides a variety of options like "Bring the bass," which boosts the low end, or "Extended listening," which cuts down harsh high notes. The app changes the Run's sound at the firmware level, so any tweaks will apply no matter what you're listening to. If you need help finding exercise tunes, there's also a curated selection of Spotify playlists within the app.