KOPI Mug Combo (Mug + Qi charger coaster) 智能骨瓷加熱保溫杯

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When KOPI is placed on its wireless (water/spill resistant) charging pad, the particles react via electromagnetic energy and heat your beverage to the perfect sipping temp. Plus KOPI uses wireless Qi technology, so it can juice up all your smart devices too! https://www.youtube.com/embed/jJqI8cvbXzE The KOPI Mug is a two part system, featuring the mug itself and a heating coaster that doubles as a top-of-the-line wireless cellphone charger. The mug itself is strong: crafted out of high quality ceramic and hand fired by skilled artisans, the KOPI Mug has been exactingly designed to guarantee a long future of usage. Every mug comes with a lid included, designed to fit snug on the top of the mug and help it retain its internal temperature. * No more cold coffee Through the aid of electromagnetic energy, inlaid metallic particles within the base of the mug heats up. Thanks to this process, your drink will stay warm for a much longer amount of time than with traditional mugs, retaining its heat and maintaining enjoyable quality of your beverage. [Heating Performance Analysis] Performed in room temperature 68°F/20°C for four hours, both with and without the lid. Demonstrates the capacity for the mug/coaster combo to keep your drink at or above an enjoyable temperature (130°F/54°C) for at least four hours. * In the Box: A Kopi Self-Warming Smart Mug, an Aluminum Wireless Charger (the coaster), an USB Power Adaptor & an USB Type-C cable * Capacity: 355 ml Smart Coaster as a wireless charger: 10W Fast Charge * Safety: - Material: Non-toxic High Grade Porcelain Ceramic (durable and Eco-friendly) - Overheating Protection - Over-Current Protection