Logitech Ultimate Ears UE WonderBoom 3 waterproof mini portable wireless Speaker

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https://www.youtube.com/embed/dg5i-cgmSM8 Key features: - Bigger, longer, more efficient: That bigger 360° sound in a petite package - the UE WONDERBOOM 3 mini party speaker features boosted sound for 14 hours of audio and music playtime - Booming bass, bigger 360-degree sound: WONDERBOOM 3 is engineered to deliver full stereo audio; tap the Outdoor Boost button to get great sound that’s specially tuned for outdoor environments - 14 hours of boom: Forget the charger - WONDERBOOM 3 rechargeable portable Bluetooth speaker bangs longer with 14 hours of battery life, so you can soak up every moment and keep the party going - Waterproof, dustproof, and floatable: The IP67 rating means WONDERBOOM 3 can be submerged in 1 m of water for 30 min and is even protected from dust; take it to the pool, beach, or even the shower - Double up for stereo: Pair 2 WONDERBOOM 3 cordless speakers for even louder sound; press once to double up and press again for true stereo from both speakers, with left and right channels (Note: this function is not compatible with WONDERBOOM 1、2、BOOM、MEGABOOM or HYPERBOOM) - Durable, portable, with range: With a wireless range of 131 ft (40 m), you’re free to roam; plus it's dirt resistant, drop proof, and features a handy loop so you can take it with you - Made with recycled plastic: Plastic parts in WONDER­BOOM 3 include a minimum of 31% post-consumer recycled plastic by weight 產品特色: - 完整 360 度的強勁低音 具有飽滿低音的洪亮立體聲。點按「戶外增強模式」就可以獲得專為戶外活動而專門調校的優秀音訊。 - 14 小時電池壽命 WONDERBOOM 3 擁有持久的 14 小時播放時間,讓您專心享受美好時光。 - 防污和防水能力 IP67 防護等級讓 WONDERBOOM 3 具有防塵、防污甚至可承受一兩次濺灑的耐用性。它甚至可以浸入水中 30 分鐘,這讓其成為游泳池、海灘、小徑或淋浴的完美伴侶。 - 耐掉落承受能力 可承受 1.5 公尺掉落衝擊。並具有 40 公尺 無線範圍,即使道路顛簸,也能讓您自由探索。 - 配對兩個音箱獲得強勁的立體聲 將兩個音箱配對。按一下就能享受雙倍音效。再按一下就能獲得完整的雙聲道立體聲衝擊,左右聲道從各自的音箱強勁鳴放。 * 無法與 WONDERBOOM 1、2、BOOM、MEGABOOM 或 HYPERBOOM 連線 - 快速配對 輕拍一下,WONDERBOOM 3 就能快速、輕鬆地使用藍牙與您的 Android™ * 裝置配對。 *執行 Marshmallow 與更高版本/6.0+ 的 Android 手機 - 使用回收塑膠製造 WONDER­BOOM 3 中的塑膠零件中包含至少 31%認證消費後回收塑膠 (按重量計算)。「消費後回收」是指其使用來自報廢電子產品的塑膠製造。 - 尺寸:高度 (104 公釐),直徑 (95.3 公釐),重量 (420 公克) (僅音箱) - 包裝內容: ULTIMATE EARS WONDERBOOM 3 鬆緊繩 (連接在產品上) USB 連接線 快速入門指南 (列印在包裝盒內側)