Mobile Action Q-90 (42 mm) Q-Watch Z HR Monitoring Smart Watch

Set / 套裝



IMPORTANT NOTE: ************************************************** Android 手機用家: 如在Google Play 上搜尋i-Gotu Life App 時發生異常, 你亦可到以下連接下載App: - 在你手機網路瀏覽器輸入上址 - 下載(Google play圖示下方) 的i-Gotu Life APK文檔 * 下載前請先確保你的手機設定是容許下載第三方應用程式的 - APK文檔下載後, 完成安裝; 之後在手機主頁找出i-Gotu Life App - 最後, 開啟手機App 並根據指示完成手機App與 手錶的連接和設定 * To Android Smartphone Users If you have problem obtaining the i-Gotu Life App in Google Play, you could also go to below link and get the App downloaded: - Click and download the APK file (Below the icon of Google Play) * make sure your smartphone is set third party software allowed. - then Install the App on your smartphone; open the App and start APP-Watch connection and setup ************************************************** * Country of Origin: Taiwan (How to charge your watch) - 彩色螢幕時尚造型 (網站內另有7款花式Q-82配搭替換錶帶, 以供選購 !) - 遠端健康關懷 - SOS緊急求救鍵 - 智慧通知 - 7天24小時連續心率偵測 - 靜息心率與熟睡心率 - 支援 Strava - 支援 iOS / Android - 搭配APP: i-GotU Life APP in Apple Store: APP in Google Playstore: 及 i-CareU Life 您可以由遠端關懷穿戴Q-90的家人,您的家人可以藉此和您分享詳細的生活及健康相關資訊例如運動步數、睡眠狀況、體重記錄、靜息心率、熟睡心率 ... - 支援語言: 英語,西班牙語,荷蘭語,法語,德語,意大利語,日語,韓語,俄語,泰語,繁體中文,簡體中文,斯洛伐克語,越南語,波蘭語,克羅地亞語 Key features: - Color Display & Stylish Design (* 7 different stylish design bands for band swapping are available for your purchase in this website) - Remote Care - SOS Panic Button - Smart Notification - 24/7 Days Heart Rate History - Resting & Deep Sleep Heart Rate - Support Strava. Share data, compare and interact with a bigger fitness social network who exercise with Apple watch, Garmin, fitbit... - Powerful APP: ""i-GotU Life"": APP in Apple Store: APP in Google Playstore: * DASHBOARD * GPS TRACKING * SLEEP TRACKING * 24HR HEART RATE HISTORY * REMOTE CARE - Compatible with iOS / Android About function of “REMOTE CARE”: With APP of “i-CareU Life” you will be able to care your remote family members who wear Q-90. They can share their health data such as activity log, sleep quality, weight record, resting heart rate, deep sleep heart rate and instant heart rate with you. Technical details: - Dimension | Weight : 25 x 4.2 x 1.2 cm / 38 g - Vibration Motor : Silent notification for wakeup and alerts - Bluetooth Compatibility : Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy - Motion Sensor : Ultra low power 3-axis accelerometer - Waterproof : Swim, 5 ATM - Control : Capacitive Touch Button - Heart Rate Sensor : Continuous wrist-based optical sensor - Bio-compatibility : Bio-compatible TPU wristband - Display : 240 x 240 pixel LCD color display - Battery Type : Rechargeable Li-polymer battery - Battery Life : Around 7 days (24 hours per day) - Operating Temperature Range : -10°C~+50°C - Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Vietnamese, Polish, Croatian