Toffy Multi Food Processor (K-FP1-PA) (Toffy 多功能3合1食物處理器 (K-FP1-PA))



+ Cooking made easy with a Multi-Food Processor! But many food processors only offer one option of processing, while this three-in-one device by the Japanese home appliance brand Toffy, can chop, juice and ground! Make fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and even homemade soup, sauce or use chopped ingredients for easy cooking! Key features: - Three-in-one multi-function food processor, chop, juice, and grind - Includes large-capacity glass chopping cup - Comes with juice cup and grinding cup - Four sharp-edged knife heads can easily chop up ingredients - Simple assembly, just press the switch to use - You can easily make baby food, various seasonings, chopped meat, dessert and smoothies, etc. - Comes with exquisite recipes Product details: - Container Capacity: - Chopper-500ml ;Blender-800ml ; Mill-85ml - Voltage: 220-240V - Frequency: 50/60 Hz - Power: Chopper-400W Blender-280W Mill-220W - Dimensions (W x D x H): 215 x 295 x 180mm - Weight: 2.45 kgs 三合一多功能食物調理機,切碎、果汁、研磨一次完成。 復古馬卡龍色系機身,隨附大容量玻璃切碎杯,果汁杯及研磨杯,四枚刃鋒利刀頭,可輕易切碎食材。 製作不同寶寶副食品、各式調味佐料、切碎肉類及甜點冰沙等。 特色: - 三合一多功能食物調理機,切碎、果汁、研磨一次完成 - 附大容量玻璃切碎杯 - 附果汁杯及研磨杯 - 四枚鋒利刀頭,可輕易切碎食材 - 簡單組裝,按壓開關即可使用 - 可輕易製作寶寶副食品、各式調味佐料、切碎肉類及甜點冰沙等 - 附精緻食譜 產品規格: - 容量: 500ml(切碎杯) / 800ml(果汁杯) / 85ml(研磨杯) - 功率: 使用切碎杯時: 400W / 使用果汁杯時: 280W / 使用研磨杯時: 220W - 電壓: 220-240V / 50/60Hz - 呎吋: L 21.5 x W 21.5 x H 18 cm