WASHWOW 2.0 Mini Portable Smart Washing Machine 進化版 Washwow 2.0 便攜洗衣器



https://www.youtube.com/embed/wtFKl1AziPs - Electrolytic laundry: The principle of Washwow2.0 Portable washing machine is using reactive oxygen produced by electrolyzing water to break down dirt on clothing, after electrify, the positive and negative poles painted with metal inside the equipment will electrolyze water, create OH, 0, 02, 03, On, HnOn and hclo, which will break down organic stains on clothing and sterilize, achieving the purpose of washing clothes. - Easy to carry: The Portable washing machine small size(7.6*7.6*4.8cm) and light weight(265g) is one of the most important values of a product, it make wash clothing easily, especially for those people on business, or like to go out and play. - Great For Underwear And Delicate Clothing: Traditional laundry tasks require the aid of laundry detergent or washing powder, and a washing machine to roll over the clothes, it may happen chemical residues and damage to clothing, washwow2.0 Portable washing machine cleans and disinfects clothing by electrolysis, without the additives and works silent. - Easy to use: Dropping the dirty clothes into the water and placing the washwow2.0 Portable washing machine into the clothing, after working 20minutes, you can get clean clothes, you can just use a washbasin or hotel lavabo. Through its two-level variable-speed control, you can control your washing rhythm at will. - Wireless charging technology: Washwow2.0 Portable washing machine uses wireless charging technology, it makes washing more convenient, you can charge early, so that you don’t need to find the socket when you use it. Item Weight: 1.05 pounds Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 1.9 inches

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