WASHWOW Mini Portable Smart Washing Machine 迷你攜帶式洗衣器



https://www.youtube.com/embed/FCtPzsHuCbM - Washwow Mini Washing Machine with Portable and Hyperacoustic for Business People, Baby, Multifunctional Equipment for Travelling, Clean the Perspiration, Baby Clothing - With the electrolysis of water, WASHWOW 1.0 can assist to very easily and quickly eliminate organic stains from clothing. With it to clean your business and casual wearing in a high-tech gentle way, you can relax and say good-bye to clothes deforming or discoloration. All kinds of delicate fabrics are tested to be safe from any damage, including silk, lace, cotton, linen and so on. - Do not damage clothing: Traditional laundry tasks require the aid of laundry detergent or washing powder, and a washing machine to roll over the clothes, it may happen chemical residues and damage to clothing, washwow cleans and disinfects clothing by electrolysis, without the additives and works silent. - Washwow by electrolysis of aquatic organisms, studies have shown that capacity is up to 99.98 percent. Saving and environmental protection: Water saving and environment friendly, reusable at least two years, convenient and practical. - Easy to use: Dropping the dirty clothes into the water and placing the washwow washing machine into the clothing, after working 20minutes, you can get clean clothes, you can just use a washbasin or hotel lavabo. 產品特點: 1. 不需使用洗衣粉或洗衣精 2. 不需用手搓揉 3. 透過電解水時出現的活性氧物質去分解衣物上的污漬 4. 避免洗衣劑對皮膚的刺激, 敏感性肌膚及嬰兒都適用 5. 洗衣時同時殺菌及除臭 6. 洗一件衣服只需20-30分鐘 7. 不用使用清潔劑,更環保 8. 避免衣物在一般滾筒式洗衣機內容易破損 9. 特別適合貼身的內衣物及嬰兒貼身衣物 10. 沒有噪音