Withings WPM05 BPM Connect Wifi Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor 智能無線血壓計



https://www.youtube.com/embed/H7z_IHPC3So The simplest way to manage your blood pressure from home. Key features: * BLOOD PRESSURE - systolic and diastolic plus heart rate * MEDICALLY ACCURATE - FDA cleared device * EASY TO READ & UNDERSTAND - immediate results with a color-coded feedback on the LED screen of the device * WI-FI & BLUETOOTH SYNC - automatic data sync to the Health Mate app * RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - 6 months of use of the product with one charge * SHARE WITH YOUR DOCTOR - easily email your reports to your healthcare provider from the app (only on iOS) * UNLIMITED DATA STORAGE - free & unlimited access to your data history * WORKS WITH APPLE HEALTH - automatically retrieve your blood pressure data on Apple Health Technical details: - App Withings Health Mate is the best way to keep track of activity, sleep, weight, and more. You’ll see trends, progress, and get coaching to help you improve over time. Whatever your health goal, you’ll find support for it in the Health Mate app. - Wireless Sync: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - Requirements: BPM Connect can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet, via the Health Mate app available on iOS (iOS 10 and higher) and Android (6.0 and higher). * Cannot be set up from a computer - Materials PC plastic Fabric - Dimensions 50 x 65 x 155 mm (1.97 x 2.56 x 6.10 inches) / weight: 250 g Arm circumference: 22 to 42 cm (9 to 17 in) - Display: LED matrix screen - Storage and memory Unlimited storage on Withings cloud Up to 8 measurements on-device between synchronizations - Power supply Rechargeable battery Charge via micro-USB cable Battery life: up to 6 months - Metrics tracked Metrics: Blood pressure monitor Systolic blood pressure Diastolic blood pressure Heart rate